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Anime Profile: Blood+

USA Info
Japanese Info
Blood+ B L O O D + Blood+
50 TV Episodes 50 TV Episodes
March 10th October 8, 2005
Sony Pictures Ent. Production IG/Aniplex/MBS
  Mamoru Oshii
  Jun'ichi Fujisaku
Action, Horror, Paranormal, Mystery Action, Horror, Paranormal, Mystery
Blood: The Last Vampire Blood: The Last Vampire
· · ·
Blood-C Blood-C
Diva Diva
· · ·
Hagi Haji
· · ·
Irene Irene
· · ·
Kai Miyagusuku Kai Miyagusuku
· · ·
Min Min
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Blood+

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Diva Diva David David
Hagi Haji George Miyagusuku George Miyagusuku
Irene Irene Julia Julia
Kai Miyagusuku Kai Miyagusuku Kaori Kinjou Kaori Kinjou
Min Min Karl Karl
Riku Miyagusuku Riku Miyagusuku Kurara Kurara
Saya Otonashi Saya Otonashi Lewis Lewis
Solomon Solomon Mao Jahana Mao Jahana
Akihiro Okamura Akihiro Okamura Vin Argeno Vin Argeno

Anime Description: Blood+

Blood+ is the TV series continuation of the story that started with Blood: The Last Vampire. The story continues the ongoing secret war between humanity and the immortal Vampiric monsters known as Chiropterans. These creatures are capable of disguising themselves as human beings in order to attack their victims.

The war has extended into modern times and the latest resistance force is a secret organization called "Red Shield," which is a group that dedicates itself to eradicating the Chiropteran threat.

Saya Otonashi is a seemingly normal young High School student living peacefully with her family. However, she has no memory of her past. In time, Saya will learn (the hard way) of her vital role in this secret war.