The First RP!

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Re: The First RP!

Post by Imdabipolarbear » Thu Feb 06, 2014 5:18 pm

Jack was in his altering class. He always did just enough to get by. Manipulating the plants to be bigger than normal was very unnatural and he didnt really like it, but it got him through. He much preferred to make his own custom plants. He didnt even like this section. Size manipulation of most things was very unnatural. But as long as he did just enough, everyone else left him alone. He liked his silence. He was just gonna do what he did best and keep to himself for the day.


John drove to his office so he could plan his next move after Laura left.


Rozac made all the plans necessary for his attack on the school. He got his plans out and made sure everyone knew their places. After lunch, it would go down. He needed to do this to get everyone to shut up so he could think on his own. His plans always went off without a hitch. He always could outsmart the teachers in his strategy class.
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Re: The First RP!

Post by Tyche » Wed Feb 26, 2014 5:17 am

Word was spreading like wildfire around the school, and Laurilei had some lackeys bring her the news. It was easy to get them- she could easily tell any male to do something for her and they would without a second thought.

"So, tell me..." she whispered seductively to her newest pet.

Fritz moved on to her next class, English, which was a very easy subject for her. They got an assignment to write a short essay.
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