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Character Profile: Bandit Keith Howard

USA Info
Japanese Info
Bandit Keith Howard Bandit Keith Howard Bandit Keith Howard (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Human Human
Male Male
At least 21 years At least 21 years
Blond(with a American-flag bandana) Blond(with a American-flag bandana)
Blue(usually wears sunglasses) Blue(usually wears sunglasses)
Duelist Duelist
"In America!"  
Ted Lewis  
Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Character Description: Bandit Keith Howard

An American Duelist attending Pegasus' Duelist Kingdom Tournament, Keith had a grudge against Pegasus for a humiliating defeat in a previous Tournament (thanks to Pegasus' Millennium Eye}. Recruiting some thugs to duel for him, he forced Joey into a duel with Bonz in a cave. After Joey won, Keith had his lackeys trap Joey and his friends inside the cave. He then knocked his henchmen out and took their Star-Chips to make it to the castle, where he became one of the Final Four.

His opponent would be no other than Joey. He played dirty, stealing the card Joey needed to receive the big cash prize and his deck strategy of machine monsters and traps. However, after he was found out for the cheater he was, Keith jumped his way to Pegasus, taking out a gun and demanding the money. But Pegasus opened a trap door instead, with Keith pummeling to the coast of Duelist Kingdom where Marik's Rare Hunters were waiting to save his life....

Keith soon made his return to steal the Millennium Puzzle from Yugi, under the control of Marik, and dueled when Yugi wanted it back. In the middle of the duel, when the warehouse it took place in started catching fire, Keith destroyed the Millennium Puzzle. However, Keith, who regained consciousness and freaked out over hearing a voice in his head, ran away.

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