The Mystery of the Graboyes family results from other Graboyes families who spell their name the same or as follows: Graboys, Graboy, Grabois. It is not unusual for more than one family to share the same name nor to pronounce it different. What makes it a mystery is that all seem to come from the same area of Kishinev, Moldova (once part of Russia). No one with whom I have had contact with has been able to find a connection, yet many of us still believe there is one. Hopefully all will continue to seek that link so we can put an end to this mystery.

This Web Page will be a history of the Descendants of Harry and Adele Graboyes of Kishinev, Moldova as complied by Arnold Graboyes, Patricia Innes, Andrea Robinson, and our webmaster Kenneth F. Innes, IV. To all of you I offer a great big THANK YOU.

This is a beginning. There are definitely some errors, and besides editing and cor­rect­ing them we will be adding new information as we go along. Please e-mail me when you find an error or when you have something for me to include in your family history. If you're ready to start looking around, but don't know where to start, try the List Of Surnames. Enjoy!

....Arnold Graboyes

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