Notes for Irving Myron GRABOYES

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Irving was Married to Dorthy Ann just before or just after he was
discharged by the Navy after WW2 in 1945.They had a child named Ynez. He
and Dorthy Divorced. (Date unknown.) He then married Rachel Some place in
Mexico probably Ensanada or Tiajuna.(date unknown) Their marriage was
later annuled (9 Feb 1965) because Rachel had not divorced her previous
husband and Irving retained custody of Richard and Dale.Irving claimed
Ynez was not his child that the Father was a well known Professional
Fighter. ( i have his name some place in my files.) Irving did time in San
Quinton Prison for molesting Ynez (i think in the sixty's). From what I
was told Both Dorthy Ann and Ynez died back east someplace probably
Virginia. My guess would be they died in the 70 or 80's. (not at the same
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