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Freda Married a man whose last name was Kaiser after Charles died. There w as no children from this marriage. Mr Kaiser may have had children fr om a former marriage.  It is also believed that he died before Freda. Minn ie ( Brooks) Soafer and Freda were cousins.

Ancestors of Freda BROOKS

      /-Morris BROOKS
      |       \-Hannah (Unknown) BROOKS
      \-Anna BIERF

Descendants of Freda BROOKS

1 Freda BROOKS
  =Charles GRABOYES  Marriage: Russia
      2 Nathan (Nat) GRABOYES
        =Ida SOAFER  Marriage: 12 OCT 1918, Elkton, Maryland
            3 Ruth GRABOYES
              =Barney GOLDSTEIN  Marriage: 4 DEC 1938, Los Angeles, CA
            3 Daniel GRABOYES
              =Dina Alice SCHNITZER  Marriage: 1946, Las Vegas, NV
            3 Irving Myron GRABOYES
              =Dorothy Ann GAUTIER  Marriage: 1945, Suffolk, VA
              =Rachel J. DOVER  Marriage: Mexico
            3 Annette GRABOYES
              =Eli Michael STOICA  Marriage: 3 APR 1943, Santa Ana, CA
              =Willard L. CONLEY  Marriage: 6 SEP 1959, Las Vegas, NV
            3 Jerome GRABOYES
              =Dorothy SCHNITZER  Marriage: 31 AUG 1945, Reno, NV
              =Darlene JOHNSON  Marriage: 1997
            3 Arnold GRABOYES
              =Mary V. SLADE  Marriage: 11 MAY 1951, Hancock, MI
        =Hannah WASHER  Marriage: 1943, Los Angeles, CA
      2 Clara GRABOYES
        =Jules GOLDBERG  Marriage: Philadelphia, PA
            3 Hope GOLDBERG
              =Morton WIKLER
            3 Arlene GOLDBERG
              =Herb SOBEL  Marriage: 1959, Philadelphia, PA
      2 Miriam GRABOYES
        =Herbert KENTER  Marriage: 1 FEB 1942, Philadelphia, PA
            3 Lawrence R. KENTER
            3 Lynne Sharon KENTER
              =Richard SHERIDAN  Marriage: 5 FEB 1984, San Pedro, CA

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