Adele ( Ukn) GRABOYES

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Notes for Adele ( Ukn) GRABOYES

Adele may have been Harry's 2nd wife and it is believed she had childr en of her own. (see notes under Harry Graboyes. Perhaps the answer is in t he Moldovian Archives but so far I have found nothing.

Descendants of Adele ( Ukn) GRABOYES

1 Adele ( Ukn) GRABOYES
      2 Charles GRABOYES
        =Freda BROOKS  Marriage: Russia
            3 Nathan (Nat) GRABOYES
              =Ida SOAFER  Marriage: 12 OCT 1918, Elkton, Maryland
              =Hannah WASHER  Marriage: 1943, Los Angeles, CA
            3 Clara GRABOYES
              =Jules GOLDBERG  Marriage: Philadelphia, PA
            3 Miriam GRABOYES
              =Herbert KENTER  Marriage: 1 FEB 1942, Philadelphia, PA

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