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Notes for Charles GRABOYES

We don't know if Charles had any  brothers or sisters. See notes under Har ry Graboyes. Miriam (Graboyes) Kenter said Charles took the name "Charle s" because it sounded more American and that his real name was Itzik or Se idel.

The story is, Charles came from a wealthy family but his father died you ng and his mother then married a man named Moranis. Itzik (Charles) h ad a number of half siblings and one half sister ended up in Argentin a. He (Charles) married late in life; being many years older Than Freda Br ooks. It was said he was waiting for an inheritance that he never got.

Ancestors of Charles GRABOYES

      /-Harry GRABOYES
      \-Adele ( Ukn) GRABOYES

Descendants of Charles GRABOYES

1 Charles GRABOYES
  =Freda BROOKS  Marriage: Russia
      2 Nathan (Nat) GRABOYES
        =Ida SOAFER  Marriage: 12 OCT 1918, Elkton, Maryland
            3 Ruth GRABOYES
              =Barney GOLDSTEIN  Marriage: 4 DEC 1938, Los Angeles, CA
            3 Daniel GRABOYES
              =Dina Alice SCHNITZER  Marriage: 1946, Las Vegas, NV
            3 Irving Myron GRABOYES
              =Dorothy Ann GAUTIER  Marriage: 1945, Suffolk, VA
              =Rachel J. DOVER  Marriage: Mexico
            3 Annette GRABOYES
              =Eli Michael STOICA  Marriage: 3 APR 1943, Santa Ana, CA
              =Willard L. CONLEY  Marriage: 6 SEP 1959, Las Vegas, NV
            3 Jerome GRABOYES
              =Dorothy SCHNITZER  Marriage: 31 AUG 1945, Reno, NV
              =Darlene JOHNSON  Marriage: 1997
            3 Arnold GRABOYES
              =Mary V. SLADE  Marriage: 11 MAY 1951, Hancock, MI
        =Hannah WASHER  Marriage: 1943, Los Angeles, CA
      2 Clara GRABOYES
        =Jules GOLDBERG  Marriage: Philadelphia, PA
            3 Hope GOLDBERG
              =Morton WIKLER
            3 Arlene GOLDBERG
              =Herb SOBEL  Marriage: 1959, Philadelphia, PA
      2 Miriam GRABOYES
        =Herbert KENTER  Marriage: 1 FEB 1942, Philadelphia, PA
            3 Lawrence R. KENTER
            3 Lynne Sharon KENTER
              =Richard SHERIDAN  Marriage: 5 FEB 1984, San Pedro, CA

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