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Ida died in 1942 and after about 1 year married a women named Hannah
Washer who was an old friend of Ida.

Ancestors of Nathan (Nat) GRABOYES

              /-Harry GRABOYES
      /-Charles GRABOYES
      |       \-Adele ( Ukn) GRABOYES
Nathan (Nat) GRABOYES
      |       /-Morris BROOKS
      \-Freda BROOKS
              \-Anna BIERF

Descendants of Nathan (Nat) GRABOYES

1 Nathan (Nat) GRABOYES
  =Ida SOAFER  Marriage: 12 OCT 1918, Elkton, Maryland
      2 Ruth GRABOYES
        =Barney GOLDSTEIN  Marriage: 4 DEC 1938, Los Angeles, CA
            3 Andrea GOLDSTEIN
              =Ross Elliot SAXON  Marriage: 14 APR 1957, Los Angeles, CA
              =Ted Warren ETCHART  Marriage: 23 JAN 1962
              =Walter Brace ROBINSON  Marriage: 10 JUL 1971
            3 Michael GOLDSTEIN
              =Valentine RAMIREZ  Marriage: 13 JUN 1970, Los Angeles, CA
            3 Nanci Irene GOLDSTEIN
              =Michael Louis EDWARDS  Marriage: 1 SEP 1978, Los Angeles, Ca
              =Joseph BLACKMORE  Marriage: 16 AUG 2003, Marina Del Rey, CA
      2 Daniel GRABOYES
        =Dina Alice SCHNITZER  Marriage: 1946, Las Vegas, NV
            3 Randy GRABOYES
              =Marilyn BROWN  Marriage: 19 DEC 1971, San Francisco, CA
            3 Jackie GRABOYES
            3 Ronald GRABOYES
            3 Bonnie GRABOYES
      2 Irving Myron GRABOYES
        =Dorothy Ann GAUTIER  Marriage: 1945, Suffolk, VA
            3 Novella Inez GRABOYES
        =Rachel J. DOVER  Marriage: Mexico
            3 Richard Nathan GRABOYES
              =Robin MERKNER  Marriage: 10 NOV 1973, San Pedro, CA
            3 Dale Dennis GRABOYES
              =Rosalind LEYVA  Marriage: 8 MAY 1977, Long Beach, CA
      2 Annette GRABOYES
        =Eli Michael STOICA  Marriage: 3 APR 1943, Santa Ana, CA
            3 Yvonne Michele STOICA
              =Gerald (Butch) COLLINS  Marriage: 15 DEC 1967, Reno, NV
            3 Gregory Nathan STOICA
              =Patricia Ann REINHART  Marriage: 1 JUL 1979
              =Orn UKN(STOICA)  Marriage: 2002
        =Willard L. CONLEY  Marriage: 6 SEP 1959, Las Vegas, NV
      2 Jerome GRABOYES
        =Dorothy SCHNITZER  Marriage: 31 AUG 1945, Reno, NV
            3 Natalie Joyce GRABOYES
              =Frederick Joseph COLLINS  Marriage: 15 JUN 1973, Eugene, OR
            3 Steven Mark GRABOYES
              =Kimberly Lynn HEAUSER  Marriage: 17 JUN 1981, Eugene, OR
            3 Brett Martin GRABOYES
              =Deap [Denise] NEHM  Marriage: Oregon
        =Darlene JOHNSON  Marriage: 1997
      2 Arnold GRABOYES
        =Mary V. SLADE  Marriage: 11 MAY 1951, Hancock, MI
            3 Patricia Ann GRABOYES
              =Kenneth F. INNES III  Marriage: 12 MAY 1973, Vallejo, CA
            3 Theresa Louise GRABOYES
              =Dean Warren GLOVER  Marriage: 5 NOV 1977, Reno, NV
            3 William Nathan GRABOYES
              =Dawn RATTERREE  Marriage: 19 JUL 1980, Carson City, NV
              =Kelly Ann KABEARY  Marriage: 31 OCT 1997, San Diego, CA
            3 Anthony Arnold GRABOYES
              =Suzanne Matilda HATFIELD  Marriage: 30 DEC 1982, Reno, NV
  =Hannah WASHER  Marriage: 1943, Los Angeles, CA

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Nathan (Nat) GRABOYESNathan (Nat) GRABOYESNathan (Nat) GRABOYESNathan (Nat) GRABOYESNathan (Nat) GRABOYESNathan (Nat) GRABOYES

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