Valentine RAMIREZ

Family Details for Valentine RAMIREZ

Notes for Valentine RAMIREZ

Val and Mike tried to adopt a child before there first born but the chi ld was taken back before adoption became final.

Ancestors of Valentine RAMIREZ

      /-Yassac RAMIREZ
Valentine RAMIREZ
      \-Nancy MARTINEZ

Descendants of Valentine RAMIREZ

1 Valentine RAMIREZ
  =Michael GOLDSTEIN  Marriage: 13 JUN 1970, Los Angeles, CA
      2 Heather Marie GOLDSTEIN
        =Gary GENTRY  Marriage: 20 MAY 1995, Jonesburg, MO
            3 Jessye Nicole GENTRY
        =Jimmy PRATER  Marriage: 1998, Las Vegas, NV
            3 Faith Elizabeth PRATER
            3 Matthew James PRATER
      2 Wesley Wayne GOLDSTEIN
        =Wendy Michelle WHITESIDE  Marriage: 13 JUL 2001, Tustin, CA
            3 Evan Michael GOLDSTEIN
            3 Ryan Joseph GOLDSTEIN

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