Edwin Hamblin SLADE

Family Details for Edwin Hamblin SLADE

Descendants of Edwin Hamblin SLADE

1 Edwin Hamblin SLADE
  =Alice Vivian NEWMAN (BARZAKIAN)  Marriage: Santa Ana, CA
      2 Mary V. SLADE
        =Arnold GRABOYES  Marriage: 11 MAY 1951, Hancock, MI
            3 Patricia Ann GRABOYES
              =Kenneth F. INNES III  Marriage: 12 MAY 1973, Vallejo, CA
            3 Theresa Louise GRABOYES
              =Dean Warren GLOVER  Marriage: 5 NOV 1977, Reno, NV
            3 William Nathan GRABOYES
              =Dawn RATTERREE  Marriage: 19 JUL 1980, Carson City, NV
              =Kelly Ann KABEARY  Marriage: 31 OCT 1997, San Diego, CA
            3 Anthony Arnold GRABOYES
              =Suzanne Matilda HATFIELD  Marriage: 30 DEC 1982, Reno, NV

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