Family Details for Annette GRABOYES

Ancestors of Annette GRABOYES

              /- KAISER
      /-Nathan (Nissel) GRABOYES
      |       \-Freda BROOKS
      |       /-Mortcha (Max) SOAFER
      \-Ida SOAFER
              \-Minnie (Menya) BROOKS

Descendants of Annette GRABOYES

1 Annette GRABOYES
  =Eli Michael STOICA  Marriage: 1942, Santa Ana, Los Angeles Co., California
      2 Yvonne Michele STOICA
        =Gerald (Butch) COLLINS  Marriage: 1967
            3 Bruce COLLINS
      2 Gregory Nathan STOICA
        =Patricia A. REINHART
            3 Yvonne Michelle STOICA
            3 Amy Marisa STOICA
        =Janthorn KHATCHOMPHOO
  =Willard Lawrence CONLEY  Marriage: 6 SEP 1959, Las Vegas, Clark Co., Nevada

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