Nathan (Nissel) GRABOYES

Family Details for Nathan (Nissel) GRABOYES

Notes for Nathan (Nissel) GRABOYES

Came over on the Volturno with mother and sister.  The ship burned at sea.

Ancestors of Nathan (Nissel) GRABOYES

      /- KAISER
Nathan (Nissel) GRABOYES
      |       /-Morris BROOKS
      \-Freda BROOKS
              \- ANNA

Descendants of Nathan (Nissel) GRABOYES

1 Nathan (Nissel) GRABOYES
  =Ida SOAFER  Marriage: 12 OCT 1918, Elkton, Cecil County, Maryland
      2 Ruth GRABOYES
        =(Bal) Barney GOLDSTEIN  Marriage: 4 DEC 1938, Los Angeles, California
            3 Andrea Lee GOLDSTEIN
              =Ross Elliott SAXON  Marriage: 14 APR 1957, Los Angeles, California
              =Ted Warren ETCHART  Marriage: 23 JAN 1962, Reno, Nevada
              =Walter Brace ROBINSON
            3 Michael Irwin GOLDSTEIN
              =Valentine RAMIREZ
            3 Nancy Irene GOLDSTEIN
              =Michael Louis EDWARDS
              =Joseph BLACKMORE
      2 Daniel GRABOYES
        =Dina Alice SCHNITZER  Marriage: 1946, Las Vegas, Nevada
            3 Randy GRABOYES
              =Marilyn D. BROWN
              =Janet GEIGER
            3 Jacquelyn (Jackie) GRABOYES
              =Thomas Jeffrey BRYANT
            3 Bonnie GRABOYES
            3 Ronald (Ronnie) GRABOYES
              =Christine A. PHILLIPS
              =Christine GILMAN
      2 Irving Myron GRABOYES
        =Dorothy Ann GAUTIER  Marriage: ABT. JUN 1945, Newport News, Suffolk, Virginia
            3 Inez GRABOYES
              = MALONE
              =Huey P HORNE
        =Rachael J DOVER
            3 Richard Nathan GRABOYES
              =Robin Z. MERKNER  Marriage: NOV 1973, Los Angeles, California
            3 Dale Dennis GRABOYES
              =Rosalind D LEYVA
            3 Infant GRABOYES
      2 Annette GRABOYES
        =Eli Michael STOICA  Marriage: 1942, Santa Ana, Los Angeles Co., California
            3 Yvonne Michele STOICA
              =Gerald (Butch) COLLINS  Marriage: 1967
            3 Gregory Nathan STOICA
              =Patricia A. REINHART
              =Janthorn KHATCHOMPHOO
        =Willard Lawrence CONLEY  Marriage: 6 SEP 1959, Las Vegas, Clark Co., Nevada
      2 Jerome GRABOYES
        =Dorothy SCHNITZER  Marriage: 31 AUG 1946, Reno, Nevada
            3 Natalie Joyce GRABOYES
              =Frederick J COLLINS
            3 Brett M. GRABOYES
              =Deap NEHM
            3 Steven Mark GRABOYES
              =Kimberly L. HEAUSER
        =Darleen M.
      2 Arnold GRABOYES
        =Mary Virginia SLADE\NEWMAN  Marriage: 11 MAY 1951, Hancock, Michigan
            3 Patricia Ann GRABOYES
              =Kenneth Frederick INNES III
            3 Theresa Louise GRABOYES
              =Warren Dean GLOVER
            3 William Nathan GRABOYES
              =Dawn RATTERREE
              =Kelly Ann KABEARY
            3 Anthony Arnold GRABOYES
              =Suzanne M. HATFIELD
  =Hannah WASHER  Marriage: 1943, Los Angeles, California

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