William Rae INNES

Family Details for William Rae INNES

Ancestors of William Rae INNES

              /-William INNES
      /-James INNES
      |       \-Jane INNES
William Rae INNES
      |       /-Alexander HORN
      \-Mary Ellen HORN
              \-Catherine BURNS

Descendants of William Rae INNES

1 William Rae INNES
  =Sarah E. SALISBURY  Marriage: 17 OCT 1859, Rome, Oneida Co.m New York
      2 William INNES
      2 Dora E. INNES
      2 Irving Rae INNES
        =Esther Axelina AXELSON  Marriage: 7 AUG 1899, W. Bay City, Bay Co., Michigan
            3 William Rae (Earl) INNES
              =Irene HENDERSON  Marriage: 21 SEP 1920
            3 Arland Irving INNES
              = KATE
            3 Arlene Vivian INNES
              =Lloyd K. WIDMAN
            3 Kenneth Frederick INNES , Sr
              =Mary Caroline TRUDEAU  Marriage: 28 FEB 1928, Toledo, Lucas Co., Ohio
            3 Hebert Harry Johnson INNES

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