Antoine LEMERY

Family Details for Antoine LEMERY

Ancestors of Antoine LEMERY

      /-John Baptist LEMERY
Antoine LEMERY
      \-Monica PIGEON

Descendants of Antoine LEMERY

1 Antoine LEMERY
  =(Mary) Harriet PLANT  Marriage: SEP 1824
      2 Mary Ann LEMERY
        =George F. TRUDEAU , Jr.  Marriage: 23 SEP 1873, Toledo, Lucas Co., Ohio
            3 Adelaide (Ida) Mary TRUDEAU
              =Fred Theo HILDEBRAND
            3 Charles William TRUDEAU
              =Mary Alice ST. DENIS  Marriage: FEB 1897
            3 Samuel Garrett TRUDEAU
              =Katherine Anna KEITH  Marriage: 18 APR 1900
            3 Josephine TRUDEAU
            3 Dealia TRUDEAU
            3 Frederick Joseph TRUDEAU
              =Isabelle Elizabeth MAIER  Marriage: 12 JUN 1907, Toledo, Lucas Co., Ohio

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