Frank J. MAIER

Family Details for Frank J. MAIER

Ancestors of Frank J. MAIER

      /-Francis Xavier MAIER
Frank J. MAIER
      |       /-Baron VON HIMELREICH
      \-Anna Mary HIMMELREICH

Descendants of Frank J. MAIER

1 Frank J. MAIER
  =Caroline HARGET
      2 William F. MAIER
        =Mary A. HUGHES
      2 Isabelle Elizabeth MAIER
        =Frederick Joseph TRUDEAU  Marriage: 12 JUN 1907, Toledo, Lucas Co., Ohio
            3 Mary Caroline TRUDEAU
              =Kenneth Frederick INNES , Sr  Marriage: 28 FEB 1928, Toledo, Lucas Co., Ohio
            3 Kathryn Annabelle TRUDEAU
              =Charles Kendall DEAN
            3 Camilla Elizabeth TRUDEAU
              =Raymond MCMONAGLE
            3 Physis Genevieve TRUDEAU
              =Carl Edward EBERLE

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