Mortcha (Max) SOAFER

Family Details for Mortcha (Max) SOAFER

Ancestors of Mortcha (Max) SOAFER

      /-Isreal SOAFER
Mortcha (Max) SOAFER
      \-Ida SKOLNIK

Descendants of Mortcha (Max) SOAFER

1 Mortcha (Max) SOAFER
  =Minnie (Menya) BROOKS
      2 John Jacob (Jack) SOAFER
        =Anna J. WRIGHT  Marriage: 1920
        =Jane MASSEY
            3 Elizabeth SOAFER
              =Loren CROTHER
            3 Shirley A. SOAFER
              =Charles SAXTON
        =Mary Louise LINAN  Marriage: 21 JUL 1936, Los Angeles, California
      2 Ida SOAFER
        =Nathan (Nissel) GRABOYES  Marriage: 12 OCT 1918, Elkton, Cecil County, Maryland
            3 Ruth GRABOYES
              =(Bal) Barney GOLDSTEIN  Marriage: 4 DEC 1938, Los Angeles, California
            3 Daniel GRABOYES
              =Dina Alice SCHNITZER  Marriage: 1946, Las Vegas, Nevada
            3 Irving Myron GRABOYES
              =Dorothy Ann GAUTIER  Marriage: ABT. JUN 1945, Newport News, Suffolk, Virginia
              =Rachael J DOVER
            3 Annette GRABOYES
              =Eli Michael STOICA  Marriage: 1942, Santa Ana, Los Angeles Co., California
              =Willard Lawrence CONLEY  Marriage: 6 SEP 1959, Las Vegas, Clark Co., Nevada
            3 Jerome GRABOYES
              =Dorothy SCHNITZER  Marriage: 31 AUG 1946, Reno, Nevada
              =Darleen M.
            3 Arnold GRABOYES
              =Mary Virginia SLADE\NEWMAN  Marriage: 11 MAY 1951, Hancock, Michigan
      2 Nathan SOAFER
        =Hilda Clara SCHWARTZ
            3 Neysa SOAFER
              =Bernie SOAFER
              =Carl SCHWARTZ  Marriage: 9 MAR 1940
            3 Jerome Raymond SOAFER
              =Sharon OSTERFEL

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