Anna Helena SWENSON

Family Details for Anna Helena SWENSON

Ancestors of Anna Helena SWENSON

      /-Peter SWENSON
Anna Helena SWENSON

Descendants of Anna Helena SWENSON

1 Anna Helena SWENSON
  =Edward PETERSON  Marriage: 12 JUN 1848, Gustavi Domkyrkoforsamling, Sweden
      2 Carolina PETERSON
      2 Sven Henrik PETERSON
      2 Evelina PETERSON
      2 Charles Robert PETERSON
      2 Edvard August PETERSON
      2 Sophia Elizabeth PETERSON
        =Axel William AXELSON  Marriage: 3 FEB 1881, West Bay City, Bay Co., Michigan
            3 Esther Axelina AXELSON
              =Irving Rae INNES  Marriage: 7 AUG 1899, W. Bay City, Bay Co., Michigan
      2 Ingeborg Theresia PETERSON
      2 Johan Anders PETERSON
      2 Frans Oskar PETERSON
      2 Eleonora Henrietta PETERSON

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