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HD Loader: Twisted Metal: Head On fix for HD Loader

This procedure for getting Twisted Metal: Head On to work with HD Loader comes from JNABK's post at Console-Exploits.com.

  1. Create ISO with DVD Decrypter
  2. Edit the SYSTEM.CNF (included in tmho_files.rar)
  3. Edit the USBMCEmu and rename it to SLUS_999.99 (included in tmho_files.rar)
  4. Open the ISO with UltraISO
  5. Add SYSTEM.CNF and SLUS_999.99, then save a copy.
  6. Install the new ISO with WinHIIP and enable Mode 3
  7. Use an MC exploited PlayStation 2 and run HDLoader v0.8c booted from uLaunchelf.

Download: tmho_files.rar

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