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HD Loader: Using WinImage to fix games for HD Loader

Here is a procedure that may help you guys get some games working with the HD Loader, including:

Fix the game ISO using WinImage

  1. Open your ISO with WinImage and extract the "system.cnf" file to a folder.
  2. Open this file with notepad and modify the contents to:
    BOOT2 = cdrom0:SELECT.ELF;1
    VER = 1.02
    Note: SELECT.ELF needs to match the file name contained in the ISO, for example, you would use SWBFRNT.ELF for Star Wars Battlefront.
  3. Now save it
  4. Now with the ISO image still open with WinImage click on that same file that you extracted and now select from the options above to "INJECT"
  5. Inject that edited .cnf file into the ISO and select yes to replace
  6. Now close the image
  7. Now install with WinHIIP under mode 3
  8. Play and enjoy

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