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Character Profile: Teito Klein

USA Info
Japanese Info
Teito Klein Teito Klein(テイト・クライン) Teito Klein (07-Ghost)
Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs(ヴァールハイト・ティアシェ・ラグス)
· · ·
Prince of the Raggs Prince of the Raggs
Human Human
Male Male
16 years old(born December 1st) 16 years old(born December 1st)
Brown Brown
Green Green
5'1" 156cm
94.8 lbs 43kg
In bishop training; bishop In bishop training; bishop
Don't call me brat  
  Saiga Mitsuki
Episode 1 Episode 1
07-Ghost 07-Ghost

Character Description: Teito Klein

Teito is a student at Barsburg military academy where he is the star student. He is cold and shows very little emotion due to the lack of memories of his past. His best (and only) friend is Mikage. Mikage is always trying to get Teito to smile and sometime he does. They make a promise that they will never abandon each other on the battlefield and later he helps Teito escape from the military.

After escaping from the academy he ends up in a church in the 7th District. While there Mikage comes there for a while and ends up dying trying to protect Teito. This emotionally crushes Teito and he swears revenge even though Mikage told him not to. He then becomes a bishop so that he could do so.

Mikage, like everyone else, teases him about how short he is. During Zaiphon training Mikage engraves the word 'chibi' (small) to tease him. Later it is revealed that the reason he is so small is because he only took pills instead of eating proper meals while he was a slave and a student at the military school.

Later it is revealed that Teito is the Prince of the Raggs and he has the Eye of Mikhail. His birthday is 1st of December.

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