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Japanese Info
11eyesTsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shōjo11eyes
12 TV episoes, 1 OVA episode12 TV episoes, 1 OVA episode
October 6, 2009 – December 22, 2009
Masami Shimoda
Action, Ecchi, Fantasy, Horror, RomanceAction, Ecchi, Fantasy, Horror, Romance
Kakeru SatsukiKakeru Satsuki (皐月 駆)
· · ·
Kaori NatsukiKaori Natsuki (奈月 香央里)
· · ·
Kukuri TachibanaKukuri Tachibana (橘 菊理)
· · ·
Misuzu KusakabeMisuzu Kusakabe (草壁 美鈴)
· · ·
Saiko AkamineSaiko Akamine (赤嶺 彩子)
· · ·
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Characters: 11eyes

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Kakeru Satsuki Kakeru Satsuki (皐月 駆) Yuka Minase Yuka Minase (水奈瀬 ゆか)
Kaori Natsuki Kaori Natsuki (奈月 香央里) Yukiko Hirohara Yukiko Hirohara (広原 雪子)
Kukuri Tachibana Kukuri Tachibana (橘 菊理) Lieselotte Werckmeister ⊕ Lieselotte Werckmeister (リーゼロッテ・ヴェルクマイスター) ⊕
Misuzu Kusakabe Misuzu Kusakabe (草壁 美鈴) Lisette Vertorre ⊕ Lisette Vertorre (リゼット・ヴェルトール) ⊕
Saiko Akamine Saiko Akamine (赤嶺 彩子) Tadashi Teruya ⊕ Tadashi Teruya (照屋 匡) ⊕
Shiori Momono Shiori Momono (百野 栞) Takahisa Tajima ⊕ Takahisa Tajima (田島 賢久) ⊕

Description: 11eyes

After witnessing his older sister's suicide, Satsuki Kakeru was not the same. But one day, he and his close friend Yuka (who've known each other since childhood) decide to go shopping at Ayanas. While they're walking across a bridge, they are suddenly thrown to another dimension known as 'Red night'. There, they must escape the horrors of the monstrous creatures that strive to devour them, face several enemies who calls themselves the 'black knights' and at the same time, figure out how they will escape.

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