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Character Profile: Boris Daigo

USA Info
Japanese Info
Boris Daigo   Boris Daigo (8 Man After)
Mr. Halloween  
Male Male
Grey Grey
Black Black
Biotechno Corp. President Biotechno Corp. President
"I'll have your hide for this, Tony!"  
8 Man After 8 Man After

Character Description: Boris Daigo

On the outside, Boris Daigo looks like a compassionate and honorable man who cares for the people of the city. That (according to the people) was the reason he bought the Black Fighters football team. Daigo plays a flawless facade, however. He is in reality the notorious crime boss known as Mr. Halloween, a mastermind known for his fondness of toys, and cyborgs seemed to him to be the ultimate toy. His efforts to revitalize the Black Fighters involved fitting the entire team with cyborg limbs, for example.

Unfortunately, Tony turned Daigo's toy craze against him by giving the team potent doses of Cybomechamine just before the game, sending the team into a frenzy and starting a riot. At this point, Tony and his cohorts were ready to confront Daigo directly. They subdues him and sent him to Eddie to give him the same thing Daigo gave the others. Eddie does it, adding a potent little bomb into the structure in the process. The bomb is a gift for the cops, who they realize will soon come to arrest him. Daigo surprise the cops with his cyborg conversion and puts up a fight until 8-Man enters the scene and confronts him. Daigo had thought that Tony had become 8-Man, and he let slip that vital link to Tony before his bomb went off, blowing himself up and destroying most of the Biotechno building.

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