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Character Profile: Mr. O'Connor

USA Info
Japanese Info
Mr. O'Connor   Mr. O'Connor (8 Man After)
Human/cyborg Human/cyborg
Male Male
Black Black
Brown Brown
Former football star Former football star
"I don't want that kid growing up all alone in this stinkin' hellhole!"  
8 Man After 8 Man After

Character Description: Mr. O'Connor

Mr. O'Connor had once been a great football star. But then, his career was cut short with a severe hip injury. He had no steady job, and eventually disappeared. That was when Sam sought Hazama's help.

As it turned out, he had been found by Mr. Daigo and recruited into his new football team. The entire team lineup was composed of players with cyborg arms and legs, and he soon became one of them. Daigo had originally intended to give these men a second chance, but Tony, Max, and Chen ruined his chances by giving all the players potent doses of Cybomechamine. Soon into the game, the scene turned ugly and a riot ensued. O'Connor was subdued by 8-Man, and Hazama later took him to O'Connor's apartment. Despite Sam and Sachiko's protests (knowing full well the withdrawl effects of Cybomechamine), Hazama had tied him down until he awakened, whereupon he provided Dr. Tine's stimulant to calm him down.

O'Connor has some smarts, and he had ultimately deduced from the way Hazama had held him down one morning that he was in fact 8-Man. He agreed to keep the secret on one condition: take care of Sam. He knew that the Cybomechamine would eventually degrade his body to uselessness, so he took the front line in defending his son and helping 8-Man in his hour of need, a valiant effort which he eventually gave his life for.

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