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Tony GlekTony Glek (8 Man After)
Blue-Grey (one becomes cybernetic)Blue-Grey (one becomes cybernetic)
Former cop, criminal mastermindFormer cop, criminal mastermind
"You don't pull the strings anymore."
8 Man After8 Man After

Character Description: Tony Glek

Tony Glek was found, nearly dead, at the bottom of the train bridge, minus an arm. Mr. Halloween had Eddie Schmitt refit him with a cyborg body and hired him as a general thug for his Cybomechamine ring. As a precaution, he programmed a pain circuit in the body to use in case of dissention (or incompetence). What Mr. Halloween didn't count on was Tony and the other hirelings conspiring together against him. It was a well-coordinated effort, and the coup worked. Tony was soon in charge of the crime ring. He had his own agenda, of which included getting revenge on Hazama.

Tony is hooked on Cybomechamine, warranting further and further cyborg operations by Schmitt. It was then that Schmitt suggested the idea of capturing the 8-Man and using his cyborg brain unit to complete his cybernetic transformation. Meanwhile, his revenge on Hazama was in action as Max and Chen kidnapped Sachiko. Sure enough, Hazama followed. Tony met him once again, in a situation that was a distinct reminder of the murder of Hazama's sister. Tony thought that with his new body, he would have the edge, he got more than he bargained for when he and Sachiko finally learned that Hazama was 8-Man.

The battle ensues, the two virtually a match in physical combat, but Tony led 8-Man on a chase that eventually led to a trap that snares 8-Man. Schmitt was about to transfer Tony's brain pattern into 8-man when Mr. O'Connor interfered and (in a final effort) provided 8-Man with stimulant to revitalize him. This time, 8-man outsmarted Tony, noticing how he had kinked Tony's gunbarrel. He let Tony fire, and the kink caused his arm to explode and start a chain reaction that would ultimately crush him.

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