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Young Ayeka (Tenchi Muyō!)

Site Name:
Absolute Anime
Launch Date
Spring 1997
Ken Innes IV
Special Thanks
Gary, Conor, Victor, and everyone who has submitted content!

Hello, and welcome to my website. Let me start off by saying that most of this site consists of series and character profiles, so there are definitely spoilers waiting inside. Now, it's true that not every profile contain spoilers, but if you haven't seen the anime and you don't want to know what happens, then you had best not read the profile about it. Most of the profiles contained within are written by fans like yourself, and not some professional researcher (I wouldn't have time to write all them all even if I wanted to). Plus, doing it this way gives you the opportunity to tell everyone about your favorite anime or favorite character, and why they are your favorite. This site is completely maintained by myself, one person, so there are definitely mistakes throughout. If you find one, or suspect one, please let me know about it (don't be shy).

I started this website before I even had a modem, much less an internet connection. Actually, I didn't even know that I had a webpage until awhile after I transferred to California State University, Sacramento and discovered that every computer science major was given a webpage. I found the idea of having my own webpage very cool; the problem was I had no idea what to do with it. First of all, the computers I had access to all used Unix, while I had never used anything but Windows and DOS. Secondly, I had rarely been on this internet thing, and had no idea what HTML was. "How do I change my background color? How do I make something italic? What is a link?" And then, what could I put on a webpage that is not already out there? Well, the first two difficulties weren't too hard to figure out, but the last question still remained.

At first I put up just a few links to anime sites, movie sites, and videogame sites, plus a page that I made which had a bunch of my favorite movie quotes. I called it Absolute Oblivion. Then one night I found myself browsing the 'net over at my friends' house, but couldn't find what I was looking for: TranZor Z. That's when the inspiration struck to make a page about the old anime series I used to watch. And so it started. The name changed to The Japanese Ani-Matrix and the page moved to communityonline, which was my internet service provider at the time. It began as simple links to the different anime sites that I could find, and the ones I couldn't find I made up myself. Then I found that some of the sites I linked to kept disappearing. This would not suffice, so instead of linking to the pages I copied them (of course, I gave credit to the original).

After I put as much up as I could find, I decided to start a character encyclopedia. It began as one page, with short descriptions for each character that I could remember. But as I added more characters it got to be awfully big for a single page. Obviously I was going to have break it up into multiple pages. As I was browsing the web one night, I found the page that would become the basic outline for all of my profiles- The Sacred Shrine of Skuld-sama. The page now had a definite look. More sections were added, as well as character profiles and series profiles.

So the site grew. And when I added forms so all could send in their favorite characters and profiles, not only did it grow even more but it also gave me the opportunity to learn about anime I had never seen. Building this site has been a real experience for me, and I hope you enjoy it just as much as I enjoy making it. Ja ne!

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