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Our Trip to Lake Tahoe: Our Trip to Lake Tahoe (Days 1 & 2)

Treese's friend, John, was getting married on Friday down in Lake Tahoe, and he asked Treeses to be his best man. So we rented a car, and left Thursday afternoon. We originally planned to leave Friday morning, but we didn't want to be late so decided to play it safe. On the way down we stopped in Sacramento and had dinner with Treese's mom at some buffet place. Nothing exciting happened the entire way down. We saw a whole lot of Harley's around town over the entire weekend, so there must have been some kind of convention or something.

The next day we had some time to spare, as the wedding was taking place at 6 in the evening. So we drove around, and eventually found ourselves in Carson City, where we spied a Walmart Superstore. The battery on Treese's cell phone refused to keep a charge (which we just discovered), so we were looking for a new one. Unfortunately, we didn't find one, but we did pick up a new GameCube Controller. For some reason, my old one kept wanting to steer my starfighters into the ground. We also picked up another GameCube Memory Card 251, as my other one had gotten corrupted twice, causing me to lose everything, and I wanted to have a backup. Oh yeah, and I also picked up some shoes for the wedding, since I forgot to pack mine.

We took a short nap when we got back to Lake Tahoe, then got dressed and left a little after five. We found Regan Beach, the place that the wedding was supposed to be held, but didn't see anything or anybody that looked to be wedding-related. We drove around a few times, got out of the car and walked around, got back in the car and drove around again, and by the time 6 o'clock rolled around we still hadn't seen one thing that looked even slightly wedding-related. Not willing to give up just yet, we drove around a little more, and at about 6:15 we saw two nicely dressed people standing on the grassy hill.

We parked and walked over there, and asked if they were here for a wedding. They were! We finally found the right place! They were the priest and the photographer. Apparently they were told that the ceremony would be ready to begin at 6:15. Well, it was now 6:15 and we were the only ones there. So we sat and waited. At about 6:30, they were about to give up and leave when Treese spotted John's car. For some reason they parked all the way on the other side of the parking lot and walked over to where we were.

The Happy Couple The ceremony began almost immediately after they got her. The photographer lady turned on a CD with the wedding song for about 15 seconds to set the mood, then cut it off and the priest dude began talking. The whole thing lasted for about twenty minutes. Then there was a lot of everyone standing (or sitting) around talking before we all finally took off. Everyone else was heading to dinner, but we heading back to the motel because Treeses wasn't feeling good. After a quick power-nap, she was feeling better, and hungry, so we went out to Denny's. After we got our food, and were just about done eating, we noticed that the wedding party was just across the room. Treese went over to say hi for a minute while I packed up the leftovers.

Our Trip to Lake Tahoe: Our Trip to Lake Tahoe (Day 3)

The next morning we awoke to two Harley's revving their engines right outside our door. It was early, and it went on for what seemed like 5 whole minutes. Of course, I can sleep though just about anything, but it was bothering Treeses and she was about ready to get up and go yell at those *#!&%*'s! Later that morning we got together with just John and Serenity (his wife, for all you not-so-bright people out there). We went out to breakfast at this crappy little place next to our hotel, then went to see The Forgotten, which was forgettable.

Afterwards, Treeses and I went to get some lunch. We were trying to reach Chevy's, but became impeded by the left-turn signal from hell. We pulled up to the red left-turn light, and waited calmly for our turn. But after the lights had completely cycled once, they started over, never turning our light green. After the third time around, we were ready to just run the thing, but we couldn't because of the stupid people who don't know how to drive! Green doesn't mean "Go! No matter what!", it means proceed only if you can do so safely and without blocking the *#!&%* intersection! Anyway, it had to have been at least 6 iterations of the cycle before we were finally able to just run the thing, and by that time there was a whole load of cars behind us. I sure hope they were paying attention.

Reminiscing With John We made it to Chevy's okay and had a nice lunch. We then headed over to John and Serenity's room where Treeses and John talked for hours and hours about the good old days. Some of the story's I had heard before, but some were new, and it was good to see her getting to conversationalize since nowadays she's stuck at home most of the time. It was dark when we finally took off for home. We had been thinking about stopping in Sacramento to catch a movie, but it was after 11:00 by the time we got there, so we just continued on home. Nothing exciting happened the entire way home.

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