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Our 2005 Mexican Cruise (Day 1, Tuesday)

In December of 2005, my wife and I went on our very first cruise. It was a lovely gift from my parents, so we didn't actually have to pay for it... which is good, because there is no way we could have afforded it! We did need to come up money to do some of the shore excursions, but that wasn't too bad, and it was all planned out before we even left our house. Gotta love that internet! We came up with a pretty full schedule, so that we had something to do in just about every port.

The plan was to leave for the ship from my parents house, so we drove down there the day before. A big white limo arrived at my parent's house when it was finally time to head off.

Our 2005 Mexican Cruise (Day 2, Wednesday)

Coming sooner or later.

Our 2005 Mexican Cruise (Day 3, Thursday)

Coming sooner or later.

Our 2005 Mexican Cruise (Day 4, Friday)

Coming sooner or later.

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