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2006 Halloween Costumes (October 29 & 31, 2006)

This year, 2006, I decided to work out my wife and I's Halloween costumes BEFORE Halloween. Usually I just end up throwing something on October 31st, a few hours before it gets dark. So this year I spent several hours mixing and matching various clothes and accessories until I got a look that I was happy with. Then I asked Victor if he would take a few pics, since he's such an awesome photographer. So on Sunday he came over and we did a whole photo shoot.

It became clear during the shoot that I would not really be able to wear that mask for Halloween, as not only was it hot and difficult to breath in, but I couldn't hardly see anything. It would be a bit difficult to hand out candy without being able to see the candy bowl... or the people. So on Halloween day, I ditched the skull mask and just held it in my hand as a severed skull.

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