[NAME]      Serena Tsukino  [j]Usagi Tsukino
[ALIAS]     [uj]Sailormoon
[ALIAS]     [uj]Neo-queen Serenity
[ANIME]     [uj]Sailormoon
[VOICE]     Terri Hawkes [j]Kotono Mitsuishi
[RACE]      [uj]Human
[GENDER]    [uj]Female
[HAIR]      [uj]Blonde
[EYES]      [uj]Blue
[AGE]       14
[STATUS]    Leader of the Sailor Scouts
[HEIGHT]        [j]150 cm
[WEIGHT]    About 110 lbs.
[CREDIT]    John Doe
[IMAGE]     <img src="">
[CREDIT]    <a href=""></a> (the pic)

Usagi Tsukino (aka Sailor Moon) is a girl who has super natural powers.
She's really the Moon Princess's reincarnation. She goes to Cross Roads
Jr. High and saves the world on a regular basis. She also has a talking
cat named Luna and a whole team of super powered teens.

She is the leader of the Sailor Senshi and being the leader she's the
keeper of the Imperial Silver Crystal. She may be a ditzy clutz but
she'll grow out of it someday and be Neo-Queen Serenity and Chibi-usa's
mother. I guess 900 years is a long time to mature....

[FROM]  John Doe
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