[NAME]      [f]Serena [l]Tsukino  [j][f]Usagi [l]Tsukino
[ALIAS]     [uj]Sailor Moon
[ALIAS]     [uj][[neo_queen_serenity|Neo-queen Serenity]];
[ANIME]     [uj][[index|Sailor Moon]];
[VOICE]     Terri Hawkes [j]Kotono Mitsuishi
[RACE]      [uj]Human
[GENDER]    [uj]Female
[HAIR]      [uj]Blonde
[EYES]      [uj]Blue
[AGE]       14 years old
[STATUS]    Leader of the Sailor Scouts [j]Leader of the Sailor Senshi
[HEIGHT]        [j]150 cm
[WEIGHT]    About 110 lbs.
[CREDIT]    John Doe
[IMAGE]     <img src="-serena.jpg">
[CREDIT]    <a href="http://www.SailorMoon.com/sailor_moon.html">A Sailor Moon Website</a> (the pic)

Usagi Tsukino (aka Sailor Moon) is a girl who has super natural powers.
She's really the reincarnation of the Moon Princess, though she doesn't
know this at first. She goes to Cross Roads Jr. High and saves the world
on a regular basis. She also has a talking cat named
[[Luna]] and a whole team of super powered teens
called the Sailor Senshi (or Sailor Scouts in the US version).

Usagi is the leader of the Sailor Senshi, and thus she's also the keeper
of the Imperial Silver Crystal. Usagi may be a ditzy klutz at times, but
she'll grow out of it someday to eventually become
[[neo_queen_serenity|Neo-Queen Serenity]] and
[[rini|Chibi-usa]]'s mother. I guess 900 years is a long
time to mature....

[FROM]  John Doe
[FROM_LINK] johndoe@email.com (do not link)