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Anime Profile: Advancer Tina

USA Info
Japanese Info
Advancer TinaAdvancer Tina(γ‚’γƒ‰γƒγƒ³γ‚΅γƒΌγƒ»γƒ†γ‚£γƒŠ)Advancer Tina
1 OVA episode1 OVA episode
Kitty Media
Sci-Fi, HentaiSci-Fi, Hentai
Mugal βŠ•
· · ·
Tina Owens βŠ•

Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but you could check again at the online stores to be sure.

Description: Advancer Tina

There is something very dangerous about planet Omega 13. Whatever it is, it's been killing Advancers sent out, one by one, to investigate. The Domestic Union of Arms is perplexed, so top DUA officer Mugal decides to give the job to the most dangerous, most independent, and most expendable Advancer they could find.

They find such an Advancer in the renegade Tina Owens. Currently incarcerated with a 2,000 year sentence for blowing up a planet, she is given a tempting offer. Instead of rotting in her cell, if she'll go to Omega 13, find and destroy any threats on the planet, and determine any exploitable resources for the Allied Earth Government, they'll let her go.

Knowing how dangerous Omega 13 appears to be (and thinking about what has yet to be discovered), how would you decide? Tina takes the job, and she sets off for the planet.

Advancer Tina is not for the weak of heart, and it is definitely not for the kids. Not only is there intense violence, but the alien inhabitants of Omega 13 may think of other things to do to Tina BESIDES just killing her. Let's just say that it won't be pretty.

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