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Character Profile: Aoi Sakuraba

USA Info
Japanese Info
Aoi Sakuraba Aoi Sakuraba Aoi Sakuraba (Ai Yori Aoshi)
Human Human
Female Female
20 years 20 years
Violet Violet
Blue Blue
5'2" 157 cm
103.6 lbs 47 kg
Ooya-san, Kaoru Hanabishi's Fiancee Ooya-san, Kaoru Hanabishi's Fiancee
Michelle Ruff Ayako Kawazumi
Ai Yori Aoshi Ai Yori Aoshi

Character Description: Aoi Sakuraba

Daughter and heir to the vast Sakuraba Group fortunes, Aoi Sakuraba has been raised to be the perfect Yamato (traditional Japanese) girl. She has had only one thought: to take that training and be the perfect wife to Kaoru Hanabishi, whom she has loved all her life. Far from being a doormat however, Aoi will fight hard for the things and people she loves. Her other great strength is her ability to believe in people, and encourage them.

Character Description: Aoi Sakuraba

Aoi Sakuraba is Kaoru's fiancee and old childhood friend. She was very happy with her arranged marriage to Kaoru until learning that the marriage was called off by the Hanabishi clan. Upon learning of this, Aoi sneaks away from her clan to Tokyo in order to meet up with Kaoru. She's very anxious to become his wife which does stun Kaoru at first, but he slowly starts to fall in love with her.

Aoi is just about as gentle and kind as Kaoru. She can get very emotional and upset if she hasn't heard from Kaoru for a while. Aoi has been taught every area of being a housewife from cooking, cleaning, and washing clothes in preparing to be Kaoru's wife. Like Kaoru, Aoi also has to keep her marriage to Kaoru secret meaning she's forced to stand by and watch Kaoru's harassments by Mayu and Tina for their affection.

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