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Aika SumeragiAika SumeragiAika Sumeragi (Agent Aika)
Early 30'sEarly 30's
Light brown (normal), light blue (Ultranite form)Light brown (normal), light blue (Ultranite form)
Brown (normal), amber (Ultranite form)Brown (normal), amber (Ultranite form)
Debbie Rabbai (episodes 1-4)Rei Sakuma
· · ·
Angora Deb (episodes 5-7)
Agent AikaAgent Aika

Character Description: Aika Sumeragi

At first sight, Aika Sumeragi could be mistaken for a high-fashion model. However, she just happens to be one of the top salvagers in a world where any treasure from before the Great Disaster is prized. Along with Rion Aida, Aika is a top submarine pilot, able to find items in submerged cities… as well as fending off amorous attempts by Gusto during these excursions. Aika is also a top jet pilot, flying a MiG-21 that has been specially modified for V-STOL (Vertical-Short Takeoff and Landing) operation. But there is one secret weapon that Aika also has, but usually is reluctant to use it unless absolutely necessary.

Twenty years prior, before the Great Disaster, scientists were experimenting with a fluid-like metal lifeform called Ultranite. The metal could be fashioned to resemble an article of clothing, but when activated, it would cover the body to a thickness of a few microns. The Ultranite armor would provide protection for the individual wearing it, as well as enhancing strength and agility.

Aika Sumeragi- Ultranite form (Agent Aika) However, because Ultranite was so difficult to work with, several scientists had died trying to perfect the bonding process. Just before the Great Disaster, they had one success with a little girl, but the records were lost in the ongoing chaos. That girl was Aika Sumeragi.

In its deactivated form, Aika's Ultranite resembles a golden bodice. When activated, the bodice covers Aika's body, altering her appearance, including her eyes and hair. Although she looks almost nude, she is completely covered in the armor. But sometimes, the Ultranite would activate without Aika willing it, presumably to protect her.

For a brief time, Aika and Rion's father, Goza, acted as secret agents… until Goza was injured in a mission. Afterwards, both Aika and Goza concentrated on their salvage business, the K2 Corporation… which is continually in the red, mostly because of competitors like Gusto.

Besides her Ultranite, Aika also has a gun that shoots tranquilizer darts, as well as an electrified stun club which is strapped to her thigh.

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