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Character Profile: Nina Hagen

USA Info
Japanese Info
Nina Hagen Nina Hagen Nina Hagen (Agent Aika)
Human Human
Female Female
Magneta Magneta
Dark Blue Dark Blue
2nd command of Delmo/Deceased 2nd command of Delmo/Deceased
Agent Aika Aika

Character Description: Nina Hagen

If Hagen was the brains of the Delmo Army, then Nina was clearly the brawn not to mention sex appeal. Nina is the slutty and rather dominant witch of a sister to Rudolph Hagen. In the Delmo Army she serves in 2nd command of her brother's army.

Nina is very dominant and a very bratty sort of person, if something gets her mad or she doesn't get what she wants, she gets mad. Violence is her answer to everything, and loves the usage of whips, chains, and anything else of the bondage nature.

Yet oddly enough as slutty as she makes herself out to be, Nina has daggers for her brother. Having an odd odilozing yet attracted look towards her dear brother.

When Aika was captured and brought onto their ship, Nina wanted her dead after being beaten by her twice in combat. Nina got her wish once Hagen donned her with a copy of Aika's Golden Bustier.

At first it seemed Nina was the better weapon, faster and much more stronger in every aspect of battle against Aika's bustier. But eventually the weapon grew out of control and horribly scarred and disfigured her body.

Nina grew mad and became a blob of sorts, knowing no sort of intelligence except the love for her brother. In the end, Nina killed her brother and floated about in outer space. Wanting to be alone with him forever.

Both Hagen and Nina died floating in outer space after Hagen's spaceship was destroyed by Aika and her friends.

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