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Character Profile: Yukito Kunisaki

USA Info
Japanese Info
Yukito Kunisaki Yukito Kunisaki Yukito Kunisaki (AIR: 1000th Summer)
Human Human
Male Male
Gray Gray
Gold Gold
Traveller Traveller
"Ramen Set-o!" "Ramen Set-o!"
Vic Mignogna Ono Daisuke
AIR: 1000th Summer AIR: 1000th Summer

Character Description: Yukito Kunisaki

Travelling in search of the legendary winged girl as each of the generations had before him, Kunisaki Yukito, reincarnated of Ryuuya-dono, Kanna-sama's lover, earns money from town to town by using the puppet and magic inherited from his mother.

One day, he "by chance" finds himself in a town, meeting Misuzu Kamio who befriends him almost instantly. He takes up her offer to stay in their residence as a freeloader, taking Misuzu to and back from summer school.

However, he meets also in the town other girls, Minagi, Michiru, and Kano, helping them and living through their stories and haunted pasts. But the person he is most affected by is none other than Misuzu. When he realizes that her sickness is making her worse and worse and that this same sickness was what his mother had, he sacrifices himself and decides to leave, hoping to make Misuzu better by creating distance. But he can't bring himself to leave and returns in a flash to Misuzu's side, realizing that he loves her and wants to be with her. And by sacrificing himself, becoming a raven who is later found by Misuzu, he tries to save her, only to have the effort be in vain.

In the movie, however, Yukito-san doesn't become a raven, but instead witnesses everything, confessing his love (which he doesn't say in the anime, only that he wants to protect her) to Misuzu and continuing his journey, hoping to reach Misuzu in the sky one day.

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