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Aishiteruze BabyAishiteruze Babyβ˜…β˜… (ζ„›γ—γ¦γ‚‹γœγƒ™γ‚€γƒ™β˜…β˜…)Aishiteruze Baby
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I Love Ya, BabyI Love Ya Baby!
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I Love You, Baby
26 TV episodes26 TV episodes
April 3, 2004–Oct 9, 2004April 3, 2004–Oct 9, 2004
Studio DeenTokyo Movie Shinsha
Yoko Maki
Masaharu Okuwaki
Comedy, Drama, RomanceComedy, Drama, Romance
Kippei KatakuraKippei Katakura
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Yuzuyu SakashitaYuzuyu Sakashita
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Characters: Aishiteruze Baby

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Kippei Katakura Kippei Katakura Misako Katakura βŠ• Misako Katakura βŠ•
Yuzuyu Sakashita Yuzuyu Sakashita Miyako Sakashita βŠ• Miyako Sakashita βŠ•
Kokoro Tokunaga βŠ• Kokoro Tokunaga βŠ• Satsuki Katakura βŠ• Satsuki Katakura βŠ•

Description: Aishiteruze Baby

Seventeen year old Kippei Katakura is a playboy fooling around with girls regardless of their feelings. When his Aunt Miyako disappears, it falls upon him a to take care of her five year old child, Yuzuyu. They soon develop a special bond and become the closest of friends.

To throw some romance in the mix, enter Kokoro, a classmate who disdains Kippei. When she sees Kippei with Yuzuyu in the park, her heart softens toward him. Could a relationship bud between these two characters? To find out, you'll have to watch it!

Description: Aishiteruze Baby

Aishiteruze Baby is one of the best cartoon I ever seen. The story is about a mother who left her five years old child named Yuzuyu Sakashita with her relatives and suddenly disappeared. The family that Yuzu had been kept with them appointed Katakura Kippei to take care of her.

Kippei is a very handsome "Playboy" in High School who loves to be with girls. But after he became the only care giver of Yuzu he started to calm down... a little.

What I really like in this cartoon is the relationship between Keppei and the lonely girl, Tokunaga Kokoro. Kokoru at the beginning is showing no interest in that playboy but you can see how did the things changed between them in episode 9.

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