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Character Profile: Yuzuyu Sakashita

USA Info
Japanese Info
Yuzuyu Sakashita Yuzuyu Sakashita Yuzuyu Sakashita (I Love You, Baby)
Yuzuyu Sakashita (I Love You, Baby)
Yuzu Sakashita Yuzu Sakashita
Human Human
Female Female
About 5 years old About 5 years old
Gray Gray
Brown Brown
"Rice Ball~" "Onigiri~"
Episode 1 Episode 1
I Love You, Baby Aishiteruze Baby

Character Description: Yuzuyu Sakashita

After feeling like she wasn't fit to be a good parent, Miyako Sakashita leaves her 5-year-old daughter Yuzuyu under the care of the Katakuras. Because they feel he needs to grow up, the eldest son Kippei is put in charge of her. Over the time they spend together, Yuzuyu helps Kippei to mature.

Though the relationship is difficult at first, Yuzuyu learns to open up to Kippei. Kippei walks her two and from school and helps build sand castles in the park. Yuzuyu even begins calling him her big brother.

Yuzuyu is sweet and gentle. She feels abandoned by her mother, but she opens up and is very easy to love. She becomes a big part of the Katakura household.

Character Description: Yuzuyu Sakashita

Kippei Katakura's aunt Miyako has been missing for quite a while, so now he has to take care of her daughter Yuzuyu, as he is being forced to by his older sister Reiko.

Yuzuyu is a sweet little girl who misses Miyako very much. She also has a real big crush on Kippei. Sometimes she has flashbacks of her mother when an event happens, such as Marika's teasing, which makes Yuzuyu upset. Kippei assures her that Miyako will come back soon, so she takes his words to her heart. She loves to draw, and even told Satsuki that she wants to marry Kippei.

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