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Mikan SakuraMikan Sakura (δ½ε€‰θœœζŸ‘)Mikan Sakura (Alice Academy)
10 years old (at debut) (born January 1)10 years old (at debut) (born January 1)
Light brownLight brown
Pale brownPale brown
4'6"138 cm
72.8 lbs33 kg
Type OType O
Single star rankedSingle star ranked
Alice AcademyGakuen Alice

Character Description: Mikan Sakura

Mikan Sakura is the main character of the story. She is an energetic, good-natured girl, but time and again, her clumsiness lands her into trouble. She is an orphan who used to live with her grandfather in the country. When she was in second grade, her best friend Hotaru transferred to her school from the city and had a hard time fitting in with the others due to her being a genius. At first, Mikan didn't really want to be friends with Hotaru, but when they entered a dance competition and won it together she decided to be Hotaru's best friend. From that time she cared deeply about Hotaru and they were both as close as sisters, even though their personalities are the exact opposite.

When she heard that her school was going to be demolished, she led a protest to stop it, since it contained so much memories of her and Hotaru. However, no one joined her. She was shocked to hear that Hotaru was moving back to the city to go to an academy for young 'geniuses' like her. When she heard rumors that students were like slaves in Alice Academy, Mikan left her grandfather and her home to go after Hotaru by herself. She was then accepted to Alice Academy by Narumi-sensei and could attend Alice Academy with Hotaru and many other children with extraordinary powers.

While she makes friends later on, she is initially accepted with skepticism by her classmates, with whom friendship she was to win as an "entrance exam" into the Academy. She gets doubted soon as she does not know initially what her "Alice" is. While she is below average in academics and the school's star ranking system, she has strong willpower and a happy-go-lucky attitude. Her Alice ,or ability, is the power to nullify the Alice of others, which is the reason why the Academy administration keeps an eye on her.

She seems to be a very up-an-at-it person, much to the annoyance of her down-to-earth friend, Hotaru. She's the only girl that Natsume called by her first name. She was originally a 'No Star' (the lowest rank in the academy's star-ranking system), but moved on to being a 'One Star' after her combined effort with Sumire rescued Natsume from Reo.

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