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Character Profile: Natsume Hyuga

USA Info
Japanese Info
Natsume Hyuga Natsume Hyuuga(日向 棗) Natsume Hyuga (Alice Academy)
Black Cat Black Cat
Human Human
Male Male
10 years old(born November 27th)(source: manga) 10 years old(born November 27th)(source: manga)
Black Black
Deep red Deep red
76.1 lbs 34.5 kg
Honour student Honour student
  Romi Paku
Episode 1 Episode 1
Alice Academy Gakuen Alice

Character Description: Natsume Hyuga

Natsume Hyuga is an Alice student and the most dangerous alice in the academy, the Fire Alice. As a result, the academy makes him do their dirty work. He seems very cold and has no friends except for Ruka Nogi.

He is generally sullen and silent, but seems to have softened to Mikan and listens only to her problems. There are hints that his family died in a fire that burned down the village, which may have been due to his fire Alice.

He has millions of girl fans but it is hinted that he has feelings for Mikan, since Mikan, according to Ruka, was the first ever girl that Natsume called by her name.

Character Description: Natsume Hyuga

Natsume Hyuuga possesses a strong fire alice, and its limitless, which allow him to use it as he desires but shorten his lifespan. He belongs to Dangerous Ability Type Alice. He has a best friend, Ruka Nogi who belongs to Somatic Type or Predisposition Type.

Natsume is the only student of Elementary Branch B who is Special. He is considered by Persona as his best student, yet he often hides from him. He even tried to escape from the Academy but caught by Narumi.

He is fond of calling Mikan by her underwear, like polka-dots and strawberry-print, but in episode 20 he called her by her first name. In fact, she is the first girl whom he called by first name.

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