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Anime Profile: Alien Nine

USA Info
Japanese Info
Alien Nine Alien Nine(エイリアン9) Alien Nine
· · ·
Alien 9(alternate spelling) Alien 9(alternate spelling)
July 8, 2003  
Central Park Media  
Comedy, Sci-Fi Comedy, Sci-Fi
Kasumi Tomine Kasumi Tomine
· · ·
Kumi Kawamura Kumi Kawamura
· · ·
Megumi Hisakawa Megumi Hisakawa
· · ·
Miyu Miyu
· · ·
Yuri Otani Yuri Otani

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Anime Description: Alien Nine

Yuri is not happy with her new school-job; together with Kumi Kawamura and Kasumi Tomine from the other classes, she has to catch aliens. Yes, aliens.

Once in a while (say, three days a week) an alien-spaceship lands on the school grounds. The alien-team (also known as alien party) has to catch the aliens within the ship with the help of the symbiotic alien helmets that survive by eating the waste material produced from its host body (yuck!). But unlike Kumi and Kasumi, Yuri is scared to death.

But Ms. Hisakawa (who is responsible for the girls) seems to be holding something back about those aliens. How come she knows so much about them? And why are three sixth graders the ones who have the fight the aliens?

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