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Anime Profile: Angel Blade

USA Info
Japanese Info
Angel BladeAngel Blade (エンジェルブレむド) ("Enjeru Bureido")Angel Blade
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Enjeru Bureido
OVA episodesOVA episodes
March 8, 20052001
Anime 18/Sounds Sweet! (audio)Studio G-1 Neo
Masami Obari
Masami Obari
Hentai, ActionHentai, Action
Vanilla SeriesVanilla Series
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Angel Blade βŠ• Angel Blade βŠ•
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Ayame Fudo βŠ• Ayame Fudo βŠ•
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Chloe βŠ• Chloe βŠ•
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Dean βŠ• Dean βŠ•
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: Angel Blade

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Angel Blade βŠ• Angel Blade βŠ• Karin βŠ• Karin βŠ•
Ayame Fudo βŠ• Ayame Fudo βŠ• Kyoka βŠ• Kyoka βŠ•
Chloe βŠ• Chloe βŠ• Maina βŠ• Maina βŠ•
Dean βŠ• Dean βŠ• Mistress Phantom βŠ• Mistress Phantom βŠ•
Elaine βŠ• Elaine βŠ• Moena Shinguji βŠ• Moena Shinguji βŠ•
Emily βŠ• Emily βŠ• Nailkaizer βŠ• Nailkaizer βŠ•
Hasumi βŠ• Hasumi βŠ• Seiryu Tenmyoin βŠ• Seiryu Tenmyoin βŠ•
Isato βŠ• Isato βŠ• Shaiya βŠ• Shaiya βŠ•

Description: Angel Blade

The future. Most hope it to be an age of peace and enlightenment. What we don't hope for is an age where the Earth has been devastated to such a degree that it's unsuitable for living. Unfortunately for the inhabitants of this universe, that turned out to be the case. Here, the Earth has been ruined, forcing it's population to live in giant cities above the clouds. But actually, it's not really as bad as it sounds. In fact, living in the Grand Cities is actually quite pleasant, as they are about as close as you could get to a utopia. The sky is always clear, the grounds are always clean, and practically anything you desire is easily available.

Angel Blade Of course, whenever there's something that good, there's always someone who wants to take if for themselves. In this case, it's some kind of demon woman called the Dark Mother who lives beneath the cities, on the planet itself. She sends her demon minions, called Geobloods, out to implement her dastardly plans, yet they're always foiled by busty, bouncy super-heroine called Angel Blade. After a while, the evil one concludes that Angel Blade must reside in the AquaTokyo complex's university. Luckily, the dean of the school is one of Dark Mother's minions, so she sends one of her hench-women, Mistress Nailkaizer, to meet with him and help search for students who could potentially be the elusive Angel Blade.

Angel Blade After careful analysis, Nailkaizer determines that it must be Seiryu Tenmyoin, the Student Body president and most popular girl in school. Not only is Seiryu extremely good at athletics, she's also smart, sexy, and has the same body type as our scantily clad heroine. But before launching an all out attack on Seiryu, Nailkaizer first tries to get busty role model to reveal her hidden identity by going undercover as a professor. Of course, Nailkaizer doesn't succeed with her plan, simply due to the fact that Seiryu is not the woman they're looking for.

Angel Blade Also attempting to uncover the secret identity of this shapely warrior are two policewomen, one of whom is actually a legendary guardian. With abilities beyond that of normal humans, Ayame Fudo is also trying to stop the Dark Mother, which is why she is seeking out Angel Blade. But Ayame is then captured while attempting to rescue Seiryu, who was captured by Nailkaizer in order to force Seiryu into revealing her secret identity. Of course, when Ayame appears, Nailkaizer realizes she was wrong about Seiryu, and instead mistakenly thinks that Ayame is Angel Blade... that is until the real Angle Blade appears to fight off Nailkaizer and rescue both of the well-stacked damsels.

Angel Blade So, who is the real Angel Blade you ask? Enter Moena Shinguji, a younger girl who looks up to and aspires to be like her idol, Seiryu, although she feels she never can because she's so much smaller, and flatter. Little does Moena know that she herself is actually the voluptuous champion named Angel Blade. Somehow, the spirit of her dead mother enables the pint-size squirt to transform in the full-figured warrior of freedom, although Moena retains no memory of the events that transpire when she does.

Unfortunately, that's about where the DVD leaves off, so I don't where the story eventually leads to. But let me tell you, for a hentai title, this is a story that's done very well, and much more complex than you'd usually see. Also, the art and animation here are excellent, even if some of the characters are exaggerated. This definitely has the feel of a high-budget title, something you don't see to often in hentai videos.

Angel Blade vol. 1 Japanese DVD Cover Angel Blade vol. 2 Japanese DVD Cover Angel Blade vol. 3 Japanese DVD Cover

Description: Angel Blade

The story has a few more twists in it after the first DVD. First off, Angel Blade has a couple partners. Angel Ender, and Angel Beretta, both of them equally without clothes for the most part. Angel Ender's real Identity is the women we saw briefly in the first DVD, her name is Shaiya Hishizaki, and from what I've seen she's a Swimsuit Model of some kind. Angel Beretta. I'm guessing, is a new character named Elfie Elfwood, who herself might be Nailkaiser in disguise (long story, I'll get to that in a moment). Angel Ender used mostly hand-to-hand fighting and has a full head covering helmet. She is the Prototype for the "Angel System". Angel Beretta, meanwhile, is self explanatory. She uses a pair of modified Beretta's in each hand and is a crack shot.

Moving on, Moena's Aunt, Kyoka, is actually the 'mother' of the Angel Units. Her womb is used to form the heart pendants, armlets, and chokers. That's what she and Moena's father were doing in the lab at the end of the Second episode of the first DVD, working on another Angel Unit. Don't ask me how the process works exactly as I don't know yet.

Angel Blade Next twist, Dark Mother/Mistress Phantom Lady, she is actually Moena's mother Maina, but she's either been possessed by a demon, or twisted by an early form of the Angel System, details are still sketchy, but those are the two most likely explanations.

Going back to Nailkaiser, after the third episode found in the DVD "Angel Blade Returns", it seems there is a special Episode that was never released here in America where Nail got her hands on AB and had some fun with her. During that event, Angel Blade awoke some lost memories in Nail which begin manifesting in the opening of the Angel Blade Punish Series. It seems Mistress Phantom made Nailkaiser the way she is after 'rescuing' her from some Geo-Bloods. Before then, she was shorter, had smaller breasts, and a less curved figure.

Angel Blade During the first Episode of Angel Blade Punish, Mistress Phantom betrays Nail and plans to sacrifice her to something called Chaos. Angel Blade and Angel Ender are trapped with her in a big blade void along with Kyoka. Angel Blade powers up and frees them, but loses in a one on one fight with Phantom. Her confidence is then shaken for the remainder of the Punish DVD until the end.

We see Ender, Blade, Kyoka, and Nail all escape from Mistress Phantoms castle with Ayame's help at the last minute. Where Nail went after their escape is unknown. Kyoka is in a coma of some kind from being raped by Karin earlier and is left in a hospital.

Angel Blade Meanwhile, Moena, Shaiya, and Ayame all travel to some beach resort together where Shaiya is doing a photo shoot. There, they meet the minions of Black Widow, another of Mistress Phantoms lackeys. Black Widow is a hot redhead with a bondage kind of get-up, and her two boys are a pair of Chip-n-dale dancer guys with big muscles. During her first fight with Black Widow, Moena's shaken confidence causes her powers to weaken, resulting in a new, less revealing Angel Blade. She is rescued at the last minute by Angel Beretta, but not even Ender knows who she is or where she came from.

Angel Blade We also meet Elfie Elfwood, a cowgirl type character who I think might be Nailkaiser in disguise, the reasons for the deception I still don't know. She and Moena become fast friends and have a little Yuri fun in the hot tub later on where Moena sees a vision of an angelic Nailkaiser with lighter skin. Elfie also seems to be Angel Beretta, but we never see her transform, but she has a heart gem on her shirt similar to Moena and Shaiya's gems. She also knows Moena is Angel Blade, but Moena doesn't remember when Elfie revealed she knew this because of what happened moments later in that hot tub.

The end of Punish shows Moena's friend Hasumi and her father (Hasumi stumbled across Isato in Angel Blade Returns moments after he was attacked by Karin and Kyoka was kidnapped) going to see Kyoka in the hospital. This hints at Hasumi also becoming an Angel at some point, but that's only my guess.

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