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Duuz Delax RexDuuz Delax RexDuuz Delax Rex (Angel Links)
Reptile Boy (by Valeria)
About 28-39 years oldAbout 28-39 years old
Red (with black reptilian pupils)Red (with black reptilian pupils)
7'3"221 cm
242 lbs.109.8 kg
Platoon CommanderPlatoon Commander
"I never waste my energy by getting angry at mammalians because they are inferior to me. Most humans insult Dragonites to elevate themselves simply because they feel threatened.""Inferior people are entitled to feel... offended by those who are superior to themselves. I don't intend on taking away that mammalian privilege."
Richard Epcar (credited as Richard George) (Outlaw Star)Kenji Utsumi
Episode 1Episode 1
Angel LinksSeihou Tenshi Angel Links
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Outlaw StarSeihou Bukyou Outlaw Star

Character Description: Duuz Delax Rex

Since his debut appearance in Outlaw Star, Duuz (along with Valeria) has become a memorable character. Originally appearing as a hotheaded commander of a space police force in Outlaw Star with Valeria as his partner, he now makes his true appearance as the Platoon Commander of the Angel Links pirate-fighting groups. Of course, by platoon, that means he's the only one in it. Of course, he's so strong and skilled, it's not as if he actually requires assistance from his human associates. He also seems to be Meifon's bodyguard at times when the situation calls for it.

When compared to his Outlaw Star incarnation, there are a lot of differences between them. Foremost is personality. In Outlaw Star, Duuz was a hotheaded, by-the-book official who wanted nothing more than to bust Gene and his crew for being pirates. In Angel Links, he is calm, calculating warrior who is able to predict enemy attack patterns with ease. Additionally, he rarely speaks unless it's to add some knowledgeable comment regarding the situation or insult about mammalians (his term for humans). He also finds humans weaker and always inferior to Dragonites, ignoring all insults towards his kind with great patience.

Second, his overall appearance has undergone some drastic changes. His Outlaw Star version was blue with yellow-green eyes. His Angel Links form is a very dark green with blood red eyes. His tail was shorter in Outlaw Star, almost a stub practically. He has a long tail with ridges like that of a crocodile in Angel Links. His preferred clothing has also changed from a military uniform to a more casual look: a traditional Chinese shirt with a bomber jacket over it. Instead of a gun, he uses a sword. And lastly, his overall build has been reduced from the stocky build to more lean one (though still fairly muscular).

On an odd side note, his race is called Dragonite in Angel Links instead of Saurian in Outlaw Star (which makes for something ironic when you think about his one quote to Gene's crew from Outlaw Star: "You've been given your filthy Dragonite, now go!")

The final difference is his relation to Valeria Vertone. In Outlaw Star, Duuz and Valeria were both military officers working in the same department, both ruthless in their work. In Angel Links, they are close friends who can relate to each other more because Valeria too comes from a life devoted to battle, not to mention they are both the most appreciated members of Meifon's crew as well as being closer in age than the others.

As far as his background goes, he is the strongest warrior of his people (and the Oracion universe evidently) and is skilled at both barehanded and weapon combat. His ability to judge attacks before they happen or read the attack patterns of his opponents are quite valuable to the crew.

His hobbies include collecting swords (though he openly favors using his original blade), training and most interestingly, crosswords puzzles. He is very skilled at crosswords, and he often spends his free time doing them. Duuz also spends time with Valeria, though it's not really known what they do together (most speculate they share a drink on occasion).

Duuz joined Angel Links after he lost a duel to Meifon. In that duel, he had been wearing armor typical of a warrior. He also kept his sword in its scabbard on his back (since changing clothes, he keeps the sword and scabbard on his hip). Duuz had the advantage, despite Meifon was matching him strike for strike. Meifon only defeated him because she was able to control her sword without holding it in her hands. Keeping it poised above Duuz's head, she forced him into surrendering, despite Duuz admitted defeat with a smile.

Till the very end, Duuz has helped out the Angel Links crew since joining and while it's not known if he likes his human compatriots or not, he's a memorable character.

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