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Kira SakuyaKira SakuyaKira Sakuya (Angel Sanctuary)
Dark BrownDark Brown
Setsuna's best friend, Current human form of Lucifer's SoulSetsuna's best friend, Current human form of Lucifer's Soul
Vinnie PennaTakehito Koyasu
Angel SanctuaryTenshi Kinryoku

Character Description: Kira Sakuya

Kira Sakuya is the current human form of the spirit of the Seven Bladed God Sword, which the Organic Angel Alexiel wielded. The Spirit of the sword (Kira's real identity) is Lucifer. When he went to heaven to free Alexiel, he was captured and his soul was sealed within the sword and it was hidden in heaven until Alexiel found it.

The necklace which Setsuna Mudou wears, is a direct link to Lucifer's soul and the Sword. When the necklace is damaged, so is Kira's body. When Kira was killed by Rosiel, the blood crystal amulet also shattered.

After pursuing Alexiel's incarnations for years on end, the spirit of the sword comes upon an accident, where he finds the young Kira Sakuya underneath his mother's body, who had died protecting him from the impact of the car crash. The spirit makes a deal with the boy to help him to continue living if the boy would share his body with him. The boy agrees, with one condition, Kira must force "their" father to hate him, because he doesn't want his father to ever feel the pain of losing someone again. Therefor Kira acts like a real rebel, drinks and gets into fights now and then.

Kira helps to support Setsuna all through his journey, but in the end gets killed by Rosiel when he tries to protect Setsuna. Although in Kira's eyes there was nothing else left to do; because of some of Rosiel's blood which had spilt on the God Sword in the 2nd Holy War of Heaven, it granted him amazing healing abilities, a kind of immortality, but the effect of the blood had finally come to it's end.

Character Description: Kira Sakuya

Kira Sakuya is Setsuna's best friend and also apparently he is the Seven Blades (Holy Sword). He is very close to Setsuna and has a key part in the anime.

Apparently, he traded his human form as a child to save his father from the pain he caused him, and his mother is deceased from a car crash that her and Kira got into when he was young. About once in the anime you see Kira's young boy form.

Kira also wears an amulet filled with blood which seems to hold his life. He is immortal because of Rosiel's blood spilling on him in a holy war. He drinks and smokes and womanizes.

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