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Character Profile: Lucifer

USA Info
Japanese Info
Lucifer Lucifer Lucifer (Angel Sanctuary)
Demon Lord Demon Lord
Fallen Angel Fallen Angel
Male Male
Black Black
Grey Grey
Demon Lord, Archangel Michael's Twin Demon Lord, Archangel Michael's Twin
Angel Sanctuary Tenshi Kinryoku

Character Description: Lucifer

Lucifiel/Lucifael is the elder twin brother of the Elemental Angel of Flame; the Archangel Michael; leader of the heavenly armies and prince of light. They each had their own destinies decided upon birth, one to be the prince of light and the other of darkness. Lucifiel/Lucifael was to be the prince of darkness, but no one knew for a very long time. Lucifiel/Lucifael matured quickly in his powers and growth and rose quickly to the rank of Morning Star, the highest of the Morning Angels, and all heaven was awed by his splendor and glory. Then God called on him for an audience...

After being told by God that he was meant to be his enemy and the leader of darkness, Lucifiel/Lucifael decides to rebel. He goes to Eden where the Organic Angel Alexiel is imprisoned, where he decides that he will corrupt Alexiel's body and then kill her. When he finds her, she does nothing to stop him. He asks her why, but she doesn't answer immediately. He mentions some more things and turns his attention to a dying bird, in which time Alexiel takes her chance and grabs his sword. With the blade at his neck and the words Alexiel speaks, he comes to the conclusion that she is exactly like he is. And falls in love with her. Before he leaves he tells her that she should remember whenever she escapes her prison, that she is his woman.

He appears to her again later and frees her, but while helping her to escape, he is captured and his soul is bound into the Seven Bladed God Sword. The Sword is later found by Alexiel, who is the only one not driven insane by it's power. The sword is linked to the blood crystal amulet, which was worn by Alexiel, and later Alexiel's incarnation Setsuna Mudou.

After the death of Kira Sakuya, and the shattering of the blood crystal that bound his soul into the Seven Bladed God Sword, Lucifer is released. He acts to be under the Inorganic Angel Rosiel's control, until he decided that it would be safe for him to reveal the truth. In the end he helps Setsuna defeat god and the Program used by god to control the world, yet in this effort Lucifer is killed, but rejoins the spirit of Alexiel.

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