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Animal LaneAnimal Yokocho (γ‚’γƒ‹γƒžγƒ«ζ¨ͺη”Ί)Animal Lane
102 episodes (11 minutes each)
October 4th, 2005
Dentsu Inc. and TV Tokyo
Jongsik Nam and Yukio Nishimoto
Comedy, FantasyComedy, Fantasy
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Ako-sensei βŠ• Ako-sensei βŠ•
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Ami-chan βŠ• Ami-chan βŠ•
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Characters: Animal Lane

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Iyo Iyo Mama βŠ• Mama βŠ•
Ako-sensei βŠ• Ako-sensei βŠ• Matsumoto-san βŠ• Matsumoto-san βŠ•
Ami-chan βŠ• Ami-chan βŠ• Papa βŠ• Papa βŠ•
Issa βŠ• Issa βŠ• Picchi βŠ• Picchi βŠ•
Kenta βŠ• Kenta βŠ• Sayuki βŠ• Sayuki βŠ•
Kotaro Matsuzaki βŠ• Kotaro Matsuzaki βŠ• Shachihoko βŠ• Shachihoko βŠ•
Kumiko "Kuu-chan" Takeda βŠ• Kumiko "Kuu-chan" Takeda βŠ• Shimako Shima βŠ• Shimako Shima βŠ•
Macchi βŠ• Macchi βŠ• Takeru βŠ• Takeru βŠ•
Maguro pillow βŠ• Maguro pillow βŠ• Yayoi-kun βŠ• Yayoi-kun βŠ•

Description: Animal Lane

Ami-chan is a young, 5 year old girl who moves into a new house with her parents. While there, Ami-chan discovers something truly amazing: little animals who can walk and talk are also in her new house. They are Issa the innocent panda, Kenta a bear who is always putting on the tough-guy act and Iyo, a white rabbit who spends her time enjoying the happiness and safety of her friends.

These three curious animal friends all come from Animal Yokocho (Lane) which may be accessed through an underground portal hidden in Ami-chan's bedroom. Together, these friends spend time together in Animal Yokocho whenever Ami-chan has some free time. Often they play seemingly innocent games, but in Animal Yokocho style. Unfortunately, this style is always completely different, illogical and usually much more dangerous.

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