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Anime Profile: Appleseed

USA Info
Japanese Info
Appleseed(2004 remake) Appleseed(2004 remake)(アップルシード) Appleseed
1 Movie 1 Movie
Jan 14, 2005(Theatrical release), May 10, 2005(DVD) April 14, 2004
Sentai Filmworks(formerly ADV Films), Geneon, Animaze Inc. Digital Frontier, TOHO, Mainichi Broadcasting, Appleseed Film Partners
  Masamune Shirow
  Shinji Aramaki
Action, Drama, Mecha Action, Drama, Mecha
Appleseed Appleseed
· · ·
Appleseed: Ex Machina Appleseed Saga: Ex Machina
· · ·
Appleseed XIII Appurushido Satin(アップルシードXIII)
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Anime Characters: Appleseed

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Athena Areios Athena Areios Elder Deukalion --?--
Briareos Hecatonchires Briareos Hecatonchires Elder Elektrion --?--
Colonel Hades --?-- Elder Glaukos --?--
Deunan Knute Deunan Knute Elder Hestia --?--
General Edward Uranus III --?-- Elder Laios --?--
Hitomi Hitomi Elder Oionos --?--
Nike Nike Yoshitsune Yoshitsune
Elder Cadmos --?--    

Anime Description: Appleseed

This is a modernized rendition of Shirow's manga, done completely in cel-shaded 3-D CG animation.

Appleseed takes place at the end of World War III in the year 2131, where most of the world has been devastated by non-nuclear weapons. Deunan Knute, a powerful and highly skilled soldier is still fighting, unaware that the war has already ended.

During a battle, Deunan is rescued by her former lover Briareos (whose body was turned into a cyborg after an accident that nearly left him for dead) and taken to the gigantic metropolis of Olympus, a utopia on Earth where humanity and artificial humans called "Bioroids" live in peaceful coexistence. Most of the city is also maintained by the Supercomputer "Gaia" and the Seven Elders. At Olympus, she begins a new life as a member of the police force E-SWAT and befriends a Bioroid named Hitomi.

However, the coexistence between Humans and Bioroids is an uneasy one, and a brewing conspiracy threatens the existence of Humans and Bioroids worldwide. The only hope against this crisis lies with "Appleseed." However, it lies in a painful and buried part of Deunan's past. Deunan also has an uneasy time dealing with her relationship with Briareos. Will Deunan finally face her past and find the key to end the turbulent Human/Bioroid conflict?

Audio Files: Appleseed

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