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Naomi ArmitageNaomi ArmitageNaomi Armitage (Armitage III: Poly-Matrix)Naomi Armitage (Armitage III: Poly-Matrix)
Naomi Oldman
Third-type androidThird-type android
"If humans don't want me, why did they make me?"
B.G. Mills (OVA)Hiroko Kasahara
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Elizabeth Berkeley (Poly-Matrix)
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Juliette Lewis (Dual-Matrix)
Armitage III: Poly-MatrixArmitage III: Poly-Matrix
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Armitage: Dual-MatrixArmitage: Dual-Matrix

Character Description: Naomi Armitage

Naomi is a product of the Assasinroid/Third robotics program. The Assasinriods were designed to be the perfect assasins. They are a mix of mechanical and biological systems, and they are self aware (although their mental faculties were dedicated to combat). It is from the their basic design that Thirds were created, but the Thirds had a totally different purpose...to increase the Martian population though their ability to conceive. Armitage is a curiosity even when this is taken into consideration, because she combines the strength of assasinriods and the refinement of the Thirds.

Most of Armitage's early life is a mystery. Her "Father", Professor Azakura, presumably raised her as a normal child and sent her to school. At some point she realized that she was a robot trapped in a society that hates her kind. This led her to develop a normally defensive and anti-social personality. She has a special "A class" license, which gives her the option to pretty much do any career she wanted. She choose to become a cop. This is probably because she needed an outlet for her anger at Mars in general. She is good at her job, but her personality meant that she would never go very far in the force. It is roughly then that the series starts.

It's uncertain how much she actually knew about herself before the Third murders began. She obviously believed herself to be a Third (not strictly true), but was not aware of her ability to bear children. Her confusion increases until Wilber D'anclaude explains the purpose of the Thirds to her. She also has a good side, consisting mainly of an evil sense of humour. Most of the time her personality is a conflict between the pleasant "Third" side of her and her aggressive "Assasinroid" persona.

Naomi Armitage Naomi is a well trained Martian Police officer. She has experience in the use of the standard issue weaponry, and probably in the use some that aren't. She has all the robot type abilities you would expect...she can interface directly with machines and, to a limited extent, control them remotely from a distance. Up to now she has only done this while wearing her visor, so it might improve her abilities, but this is just speculation. She can also punch through steel, run at incredible speeds, and is very resistant against most energy and ballistic weapons. The only real exception to this is for weapons that are designed to kill Thirds, but only D'anclaude has been known to carry those. She can be cut, but has a generally high resistance to pain.

The most impressive of her powers are the upgrade given to her by Azakura shortly before his demise. Three military grade lasers were built into her left fore arm, which can be fired either as a focused cutting beam or as a longer ranged energy blasts. Also, a fold out Flight pack referred to as "Angel Wings" was installed, which gave her the power of flight. Sadly, the Angel Wings where effectively destroyed during the battle of Danich Hill, as they were not as strongly made as Armitage.

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