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Ross SylibusRoss Sylibus
Kevin Oldman
Human with cybernetic partsHuman with cybernetic parts
Police detectivePolice detective
"Humans don't go where I'm going...only robots."
Skip Stellrecht (OVA)Yasunori Masutani
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Keifer Sutherland (Poly-Matrix)
Armitage III: Poly-MatrixArmitage III: Poly-Matrix
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Armitage: Dual-MatrixArmitage: Dual-Matrix

Character Description: Ross Sylibus

Detective Ross Sylibus is not a Mars native. He was transferred from the Chicago Police Department and had just arrived in St. Lowel on Mars when the story begins.

His first encounter with Naomi Armitage gave him a shock. Her rough, aggressive, and unpolished personality combined with her inability to play by the rules rubs against his by-the-books demeanor. Armitage seemed quite fond of him at first...until he told her he hated robots.

Ross has a deep hatred of robots. He lost his last partner, Jennifer, during an incident involving a rogue robot. He may not necessarily agree with the methods used by some of the Mars revolutionaries, but he definitely feels for them at first. But his emotions are distraught because, in an ironic twist of fate, he actually has a cybernetic right leg: a direct result of the incident on Earth.

The Rene D'anclaude incident, however, opens his eyes to the other side of the coin...and Sylibus understands the reason for Armitage's perspective. She feels for the Thirds because she's one of them. For once, Sylibus realizes that robots (especially the Thirds) are just trying to make a place in a society that built them and now doesn't want them. Then he did something he perhaps never would've done before: he came to Armitage's rescue.

Since then, Ross has been focused on trying to figure out the mystery behind Armitage and the Thirds. In the process, he is injured again and fitted with even more cybernetic parts, forcing him to finally admit to himself that he's becoming at least partially what he almost hates: a machine. But put against Armitage, he can't totally hate machines anymore.

When the political situation really begins to turn against robots, Ross's perspective on machines completes its turnaround. He works together with Armitage to get to the bottom of the Thirds/Assassinroids mystery, telling the system to go to Hell in the process.

It was at Danich Hill, when Armitage seemed distraught and on the verge of emotional breakdown at the discovery of her incomplete state, that Ross finally made the admission that had been building ever since he first admitted the truth about Armitage to himself. Here he was, a human made a good deal out of mechanical parts in love with a robot made a good deal out of flesh and blood. He offers to get Armitage to safety on Earth, but Armitage wants to fight the system. Her decision becomes his choice. They'll fight together for their right to live on their terms.

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