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3 Anime Series Perfect For Binge-Watching Posted Jun 4, 2021

If you've already watched all the most recognized anime series, it's time for something longer! There is plenty of good anime series out there to amuse you through the weekend binge-watch. We've gathered the most interesting ones.

3 Anime Series Perfect For Binge-Watching

Due to its distinct style, anime has gained an international audience that fell in love with its unique storytelling, futuristic visions, and beautiful graphics. Today, it's one of the most significant export products of Japan - well, apart from sushi, Nintendo, and Honda! What makes it so unique? We'd say that it's the combination of the manga aesthetics, the emotional narration, and a hint of magical realism. However, there are so many subgenres within anime that this claim could be a generalization.

Undoubtedly, anime struck a massive chord in the audience from all over the world. The films are the most recognized, but there are also amazing series to watch! Which ones to choose for the start?

#1 Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell is undoubtedly one of the most adapted Japanese mangas. It's not surprising since it's a piece of great storytelling! The general audience had a chance to get familiar with it through a recent film with Scarlett Johanson as the main protagonist. However, the most devoted anime fans know it via an animated film released in 1995 and directed by Mamoru Oshii.

There's also a series - and we'd risk saying it has met the expectations settled by the fans of the film. The futuristic plot asks important questions about the nature of humanity and the future of technology development.

#2 Naruto

Here comes a legend! If you grew up in the nineties, you most likely know this cute and brave boy. The series is funny and touching - its plot reflects on universal topics like the importance of friendship and family bonds. If you haven't watched it as a child, it's time to catch up on it!

#3 Pokemon

Another classic you definitely should know! For many of today's twenty years olds, Pokemon is an iconic series and, at the same time, their first encounter with anime. There was a time when Pokemon-mania has taken over the world - and there's a reason for it! We mean, obviously, the cute creatures - with Picachu among them!

Pokemon is another series that focuses on universal values but provides the audience with a lot of action and plot twists. It's also a perfect family watch, also appropriate for children.

Where to watch these series? Some of them can be available through streaming services. Nevertheless, the best is to use the Japanese websites through which you'll have access to more variety. Who knows - maybe you discover some real gems!

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